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The Man, The Legend

The man behind the bowl, Chef Hoa, whose passion for cooking stemmed from a simple craving for a good, well-made bowl of pho. With prior experience in general construction, he is now a self-taught expert when it comes to cooking pho broth and rolling meatballs. He prides himself on making all the meatballs by hand to serve with pho, or some extra on the side at request.

The broth in a good bowl of pho is made from bone broth, slowly simmered for hours with a special blend of spices and clearly not a quick or simple task, but Chef Hoa has learned to master producing the cleanest and most wholesome broth on this side of the big pond. After slowly simmering his broth overnight, he skims all of the fat that has congealed after cooling and discards all but a few scoops. Traditionally, the Vietnamese people enjoy some fat in their broth due to the scarcity of rich foods back home. However, our chef is very conscious about his own health and that of his guests so he only reserves a small amount of fatty broth, also known as nước béo, which you can request on the side to enjoy with your pho. Chef says he would never eat anything that he would not serve to his guests, so rest assured, you are getting the highest quality of food our Chef Hoa can offer.

In the Spotlight

About Chef Hoa 

When he is not busy carefully slicing filet mignon for his pho or skimming fat, Chef Hoa enjoys spending his free time at the gym (surprise!) and you can find him in his own kitchen cooking up some braised fish amongst other seafoods which he enjoys aside from pho. If he is not at the gym or at the restaurant, you might catch a glimpse of him playing various sports games with his friends. Here’s a little fun fact that Chef prides himself on; in the time that it takes someone to peel and eat one crawfish, he can take down three! Don’t believe it? Come ask him yourself and he may even be inclined to challenge you!


“The Pho spot in DFW”

I have found my favorite pho spot. This is by far the best I have had in the DFW. It has a great environment, it’s clean, and the gentleman who served us was awesome.


“ They used kangen alkaline water!”

Had the egg rolls and P1. Cowboys Special Noodle Soup… Let’s start with the pure, delicious water… It’s kangen alkaline water. “


“The best Pho in DFW surrounding area”

I’ve tried many good Pho restaurants in Arlington, Dallas, Garland, Richardson and Houston but none of them can compare to Pho Cowboys.


“Best pho restaurant closed to Allen Texas”

This is one of my favorite pho restaurants in Dallas. Living in Allen it’s hard to find a good pho restaurant this far north. But Pho Cowboys is the best. The pho is savory and buttery


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11am - 11pm 

11am - 11pm


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